Beach Restaurant & Sunbeds

This is not a love story.

It is a story, with a great love in it. Or maybe it's a great love, with a story inside.

This love, this story, is born in the small fishermen's bay of Mayungu, a wild paradise hidden between Malindi and Watamu, a pristine place that has managed to preserve over the years the unexplored charm of these lands and the authenticity of its people. Here, in the heart of one of the most celebrated Marine Reserves of the East African Cost, in front of the wonder of the coral atolls and the crystalline ocean, our dream has been to create a small oasis of peace that blends perfectly with the lush frame of the surrounding bay in order to preserve its natural beauty. Our restaurant offers a simple and authentic cuisine, which enhances the wonderful products of this beloved land of adoption while maintaining at the same time a connection with our motherland, in a harmonious and perfect blend of flavors and fragrances. Our menu changes daily, following the natural seasonal cycle of fishing and agriculture.