Tsavo National Park, Kenya’s largest wildlife reserve is a mere 90 minutes from Malaika Beach Villas. We suggest at least one overnight stay to give you the best chance of seeing animals, and we have close relationships with several of the best camps in the best locations. Further afield, we can also help to arrange a safari in the Masai Mara or elsewhere.           

Boat Tour & Snorkeling

Glass bottom boat ride in the Malindi Marine Park or Watamu Marine Park where you look into the depths of the Indian Ocean to observe marine life in a natural setting and snorkeling can also be arranged. Your spectacular day ends with a delightful and delicious lunch with a mix grilled seafood

Mida Creek Watamu

Stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest is one of Watamu’s true hidden treasures: Mida Creek, a broadwater tidal creek surrounded by extensive mangroves and lined with palms.Mida is best explored by boat, on a cruise through the creek at sunset for a sundowner drink, as the setting sun turns the waters to gold and flocks of roosting birds fill the sky. Flamingoes are often seen feeding in Mida. The creek is also an incredible kayaking destination, with endless small channels and passages through the mangroves to explore where kingfishers hunt in the shallow waters and fish eagles perch in the overhead trees.

Gede Ruins

Gede is one of the most interesting historical sites on the coast. On the basis of the remains received, porcelain Persian, Indian lamps, Venetian beads, Ming Porcelain, Spanish scissors, it is thought that Gede should be a rich and prosperous Arab-Swahili city. The ruins, wrapped today in lush vegetation, colonized by monkeys, tell of a beautiful city mysteriously abandoned in the 1400. Gede comes, also called the "ghost town", exist in the local tradition beliefs that make this place ' magical and at the same time feared, the local tribes speak of spirits that watch the ancient forest in which the remains of Gede

Marafa Canyon

At 30 km northwest of Malindi You can admire the incredible colors of the gorge of Marafa, called by the native "Nyari" which literally translates as "the place that breaks alone", a place also known as "Devil's Kitchen". Along a path between great and charming clearings, villages, acacias and Baobab trees, you arrive in this unique and suggestive place. The Marafa Canyon was originally a place characterized by sandstone, following the rains during the centuries the erosion has given birth to this colorful and enchanting canyon. Here pinnacles and Spires are set on the blue horizon and the green of the valley creates a spectacle that has no equal. A suggestive landscape not to be missed.

Much More...

We can help you organize any excursion from diving to the paddle we can suggest the best places to visit in Malindi or Watamu.