Malaika Beach Villas


In the midst of this wonder, not far from the characteristic fishing village, stands the "Malaika Beach Villas". There are 17 housing solutions, ranging from one to four bedrooms, which develop around a large swimming pool, within a welcoming and well-kept structure 150 meters from the sea , ideal for relaxing or better combining the idea of a relaxing and beautiful sea and escape from civilization.


In the heart of Marine Reserve

In the middle of the reserve of the Marine Park of Malindi and Watamu, where the Indian Ocean reaches the peak of transparency and enchants for the variety of shades of blue, there is a small town called Mayungu. The Mayungu beach is one of the most spectacular and evocative stretches of coast in all of Kenya, characterized by shallow and crystal clear waters, an enchanting place where you can indulge and relax lulled by a truly unique nature or, during low tide, go hiking to those white sand banks that emerge in front of the beach and come together in small islets, creating a contrast of incomparable beauty with the turquoise color of the sea.

Beach Restaurant & Sunbeds

Indulge and Relax

Here, in the heart of one of the most celebrated Marine Reserves of the East African Cost, in front of the wonder of the coral atolls and the crystalline ocean, our dream has been to create a small oasis of peace that blends perfectly with the lush frame of the surrounding bay in order to preserve its natural beauty. Located at 150 mt from our resort , just 5 minute to walk.

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Serviced Villas

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These are self contained cottages, each with a fully equipped kitchen, bedrooms with a wardrobe, private bathrooms, private gardens and every comfort. Each cottage is different from the other, but all have a large veranda overlooking the pool. Some have a terrace upstairs. Our offer is a villa served with all comforts,Daily towels, towels by the sea or pool with change every two days, equipped kitchen. We offer added services with extra cost such as: Personal chef, rented car, nanny for children, Concierge

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If you are looking for adventure, we can recommend the best places to visit and more.

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Restaurant & Bar

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