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At 30 km northwest of Malindi you can admire the incredible colors of Marafa. Along the way between great and charming clearings, villages, acacias and Baobab trees, you will arrive in this unique and suggestive place.
The Marafa Canyon was originally a place characterized by sandstone, following the rains during the centuries the erosion has giving birth to this colorful and enchanting canyon.
One of the most beautiful landscapes in Africa, a surreal canyon, the largest of the entire black continent, a spectacle that has no equal, a suggestive landscape not to be missed.
Here the rocks at sunset seem to catch fire and the earth to split. They call it the devil's kitchen, because of the very high temperatures it reaches. The rains and winds are the creators of this natural spectacle, the erosion of the sandstone rock creates an extraordinary scenery.
Red lands contrasted with the blue sky and green forests, shades between white and ochre, sandstone spires and pillars create the canyon that is lost between great glades, villages and acacia forests.
Legend tells that once upon a time it was a green and fertile land, where a rich family lived so that instead of water they used the milk of the cows to wash themselves. God, as a punishment, created a huge flood that created a chasm and submerged them.



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Who organizes the excursions?

All excursions are organized by Malaika Beach Villas.

Can I book the excursion on my arrival?

Yes, you can also book the excursion directly at Malaika Beach Villas.

Does accomadation price include excursions?

No, the price of the excursion is not included.

Where can I found the most updated news?

Our website is updated on a daily bases. If you want, you can follow us on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

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    Reconnect to the wilderness is a once in a life opportunity!
    Immerse yourself in the African nature and capture the uniqueness of these colour.

    Safari Tsavo Est Savannah

    Tsavo National Park, Kenya’s largest wildlife reserve, is 90 minutes from Malaika Beach Villas. We suggest at least one overnight stay to give you the best chance of seeing animals, and we have close relationships with several of the best camps in the best locations.

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    Gede Ruins & Arabuko Forest

    Gede ruins, wrapped today in lush vegetation, are colonized by monkeys, tell of a beautiful city mysteriously abandoned. Gede is also called the “ghost town”. The local tradition beliefs make this place magical and at the same time feared, the local tribes speak of spirits who watch the ancient forest in which the remains of Gede.

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    Golden Beach

    The golden beach is a large stretch of golden sand in the wild nature situated at only 2km north of Malindi.

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    Mida Creek Watamu

    Mida Creek is a broadwater tidal creek surrounded by extensive mangroves and lined with palms. It’s better to explore Mida by boat, on a cruise through the creek while the sun goes down.
    If you are interested in kayak the creek is the perfect place with endless small channels and passages through the mangroves to explore where kingfishers hunt in the shallow waters and fish eagles perch in the overhead trees.

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    Robinson Island

    Robinson island is about 40 minutes away from Malindi, before arriving there you will follow a unpaved road on the salt pans, a place frequented by various species of birds including ibis herons and pink flamingos.

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    Blue Safari

    It is possible to organize glass bottom boat trips in Malindi Marine Park or Watamu Marine Park. You can admire the depths of the Indian Ocean and observe marine life in a natural environment and it is possible to snorkel. Your spectacular day ends with a delicious lunch with a mix of grilled fish.

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