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Malindi and Watamu, Discover Kenya’s Soul

For the second step of our Virtual Tour, we will bring you to Malindi and Watamu, two of the closest city to our resort.
Those are the places that, in our opinion, you MUST visit when you’ll be able to visit us!


Malindi is the Malaika closest city.
It’s very colourful and full of fruit stands, they also have other articles such as typical clothes and shoes.
It is a city full of tuk-tuk and scooters that is why you can be stuck in a traffic jam.
It is very typical and reflects the real soul of Africa even if it is not so small.

One of the main attraction that can be visited is the Vasco da Gama monument.
The over 500yr old Vasco Da Gama monument is at the heart of Malindi.
It is managed by the National Museums of Kenya; the site is easily accessible.
Some curiosities about the Vasco da Gama Pillar are that it is topped by a cross made of Lisbon stone.
Moreover, it was rebuilt in the 16th Century, after it was brought down.

On December 3 each year, hundreds of Catholic faithful visit the Portuguese Chapel to commemorate the feast day of St Francis Xavier.
Malindi is also a business city, you can see many banks, other than shops.
The business is in the hands of Indian people while tourism is mainly Italian.
What is true about Malindi is that it has a double face: it is an important business centre but it reflects the African essence keeping all the traditions alive.
This is possible thank to the most uncontaminated part of the city that is even the poorest.
There, you can encounter people cooking outside their shacks on wooden boards.

The local population survives but in difficult living conditions.
Nonetheless, you can meet children playing happily in the streets, this will make you feel alive and you will realize how lucky you are.
The difference between Malindi and Nairobi is that the population in Africa is divided into tribes.

The tribes living in Nairobi are superior.
People in Nairobi are graduated, more acculturated and have better works.
In Malindi people live in simple conditions.


The other city close to Malaika in Watamu which is a purely touristic town.
There are not offices or banks as in Malindi.
It is more likely to be considered as a village rather than a town.
You will not see any big buildings, rather you will encounter wonderful touristic structures since the sea is beautiful.

Watamu is famous for its sea that is better than the sea in Malindi.
In the last years, people are more attracted by Watamu respect to Malindi because of the sea.
Malindi is ideal to grasp the most typical Africa.
Malaika is closer to Watamu, in fact, our is one of the best sites for the sea as we are in the area of the marine park.
But spending your holiday in Malaika will allow you to visit easily both cities to have the best African experience.

We hope that you have enjoyed this “virtual time” together, stay tuned to visit our country deeply following our Facebook and Instagram page and, if you have any question, feel free to reach us from our contact page.