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Discover Robinson Island and She Shale

discover Robinson Island

Hi there! Hope everything is going well for you. For the daily episode of our virtual tour, we let you discover the island of Robinson Island and She Shale.

To discover the island of Robinson implies many other experiences in the meanwhile. Being an hour and a half away from Malindi, the departure is in the early morning. On the way, it will be possible to see pink flamingos and hippos. 
Sunny morning, fresh sky, and sounds of Africa in the surrounding: this is the situation you leave with. Along the way we will meet spectacular expanses of agave, baobabs and palms; moreover, we cross Sabaki river, the longest in Kenya (390 km).

Then we will stop to allow you taking some pictures with the giant hippos that populate the banks of the river and dive into the watercourse.
Shortly after we meet other animals: pink flamingos. Getting out of the car we go up in a pirogue and, after passing a small mangrove forest, we reach the island of Robinson. The name of the island is exotic as well as the atmosphere you breathe. The boat belongs to Karonte, a nice character that will cheer our short crossing with Italian songs.

Once on the island, we can sunbathe before heading to the characteristic restaurant made with mangroves where we can enjoy Robinson’s famous red crabsA small “siesta” after lunch is a Must and then we will return to the village. Along the way, there is another famous attraction: She Shale. It is the golden beach where it is possible to admire the pyrite flakes that colour the sand like so many fragments of gold. It is strongly suggested to visit it! This area is very aimed to be visited by the Kyte surf lovers. 
Regarding this, Malaika Beach Resort staff is pleased to help you finding someone who gives you some Kyte surf lessons!
Please check the other excursions and don’t lose the opportunity of living the real Africa!

We hope you enjoyed this step of our “virtual tour“!
We also love to tell you that from August the first we will be able to re-open our resort. Stay tuned to visit our country deeply following our Facebook and Instagram page and, if you have any question, feel free to reach us from our contact page.