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Exploring Mida Creek

exploring Mida Creek

For the daily episode of our virtual blog, we want to let you exploring Mida Creek.

Mida Creek is a natural inlet in the coast about 5 km deep south of Watamu which stands out from the surrounding nature for completely different fauna and flora creating a unique eco-system of its kind.

Mida Creek has been designated by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve because it is here that one of the largest mangrove ecosystems in the world is preserved: there are nine types, along with thirty-three species of algae. With the Arabuko Sokoke forest, Mida Creek has been designated the second largest ornithological reserve in Africa.

Research indicated that the mangrove forest and other marine resources are a great economic, ecological and environmental resource for the local village communities. The forest provides construction timber for houses and boats, firewood, coal. Minor uses of mangrove products include medical and pharmaceutical applications, tanning material and furniture production.

Today, with its shallow fjords, ruled by the tides and protected by a tangle of rhizomes that seem to want to prevent any human passage, this large marine lagoon, a comfortable bed of aquatic plants (of the genus Posidonia) and corals, is a labyrinth of waterways where the Indian Ocean is wedged, forming several small islets.

Mida Creek is home to many fish species and a feeding site for sea turtles.

Moreover, it has been designated by UNESCO as Bird International Zone given that sixty-five species of birds live there, some settled, other nomads, storks, herons, pink flamingos among others.

There are several ways to visit Mida Creek: on a boat, crossing these channels to discover the vast multitude of birds that inhabit the surrounding jungle. Alternatively, you can visit the lagoon on foot, walking along the bridge, which, from the mainland, crosses a part of the lagoon and which is not by chance called ‘the Indiana Jones bridge’.

The lagoon is also an incredible destination for kayaking and canoeing, with endless small canals and passages through the mangroves to explore. You can also take a paddleboard.

Mida Creek, that is around Watamu area, is only 30 minutes away from the resort.

Our resort is located in a very strategic position so that many places to be visited can be reached in a very few time! Check the other excursions we can arrange for you!

We hope you enjoyed this “exploring Mida Creek”!
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